John Sturdy is a photographer with over 12 years of professional experience behind the camera. With an eye that balances classical proficiency and contemporary aesthetics, and a uniquely diverse portfolio of freelance clients including international brands, and marketing campaigns, non-profit orginazations, contemporary musicians, and long-running relationship with several widely circulated publications, Sturdy’s developed a reputation as one of the region’s more distinctive photographers.

In 2016 Sturdy migrated from Chicago IL to Milwaukee WI to assist his wife, Emily, in opening URSA, a retail boutique and lifestyle shop that emphasizes the importance thoughtful design in all things.  Since opening URSA in 2017, John has had the opportunity to work not only in the sun-filled retail parlor, but also assist in designing, remodeling, and decorating a high capacity bed and breakfast suite for a well know bar/restaurant group as well as designing and installing plant-scapes for several highly reviewed dining spots in Milwaukee, under the banner of the brand.

John enjoys his free time exploring the outdoors. Wether by foot, 4x4 or vintage watercraft John and Emily are usually found either among the tall cactus and red cliffs of the American Southwest or the dense green forests and deep blue lakes and rivers of our Midwest.